How to Write a 500 Word Essay: Length and Formatting Guide

Essay writing is among the complex tasks that most students find exhausting. However, there isn’t any shortcut to excelling in writing essays other than following the rules and guidelines set by the school of the professor. One aspect of essay writing is the restrictive requirements. As much as it may be hard to follow, students must stay within the limited requirements. For instance, when tasked with crafting a 500 word essay, you may wonder about the best approaches to take to stay within the limited word count. This article aims at explaining to you the tips you can use to excel in your essay.

How to write a 500 word essay easily

Writing a 500 word essay may seem a hard nut to crack because you can have plenty of valid points you need to squeeze into the paper to earn you more marks. However, the secret to writing such an essay is by following the tips highlighted below:

1. Know the 500 word essay format

Before considering the ideas you need to put in your Paper, you must know any essay assignment must have a clear format relating to the professor’s requirements. The format will enable you to understand how many words you need to put in a section so as to attain the ideal number of words.

2. Check a 500 word essay length sample

Another practical tip that will see you crack a 500 word essay is checking a sample from pioneer students or other experts. By reading through such a sample, you can evaluate how the writer divided the content between different sections, the formats used, and the wording that enabled the writer to stay within the word limit.

3. Know how long does it take to write 500 words?

In academic concepts, the timing concept and the word count go hand in hand. So, you should know how long it should take you to write a meaningful 500 word essay. If you realize you are taking a long time, then it implies you are likely to include irrelevant information in your paper. Again, if you take a shorter time than the anticipated one, you are likely to lose some requirements or valid points.

4. Establish how long is a 500 word essay paragraph

As mentioned earlier, essays have different sections. Now, this point focuses on the main body, where there are paragraphs. When you have a limited word count, know the number of words to include in each paragraph so as to give room for explaining other relevant ideas related to the topic.

5. Determine how many pages is a 500 word essay

If you want to stay in the right lane, you should determine the number of pages required to accomplish the essay with 500 words. In this case, the requirements of the professor will determine whether the paper will take one page or two pages. For instance, if the requirements ask you to use double-spaced pages, you are likely to use two pages. However, if the requirements state a single-spaced page, then you are likely to use 1 page.

6. Read materials on how to write a 500 word essay

Sometimes, the easiest way a student can hack writing an essay with only 500 words is by reading practical materials like this article giving the best approaches and ideas to use in the paper. But then, don’t just read. Always read and put the tips into practice as you improve daily.

7. Embrace consistency practice in writing a 500 word essay

Practicing something is the best way of mastering the art of improving in different sections. As a student, create some time to be writing a 500 word essay as you correct with someone else. With time, you will realize that writing such an essay is an easy task.


Essays come with word count restrictions. Even if you have mastered writing the best points, if you don’t follow the basic rule of the limited word count, you are likely to fail. If you thought crafting an essay with 500 words is a hard nut to crack, try the above tips and experience a smooth journey.