Writing Assignment: Write It, Do It

by Randy Murray on June 20, 2014

It is very easy for writers to find themselves living almost entirely inside their heads.

Writing is difficult. And when you come to write every day you can find yourself inside a continual dream. It’s a terrific state. The writing can become easier. But the world marches on.

And, like me, many writers are also introverts. It’s easier to write than to go and do.

With that in mind, today, we will attempt both.

For today’s assignment write yourself a short challenge, something to physically do. Give yourself specific, detailed instructions. Make it something that you do not regularly try. Better yet, give yourself a task that you have never done before. But make this task something that you can simply get up, go out, and do.

  • Visit that park down the road that you’ve never been to and take a walk.
  • Go to that restaurant that you pass by, but never stop at.
  • Go to the library and visit a section that you never enter.
  • Dust off your bicycle and take off in a new direction.

Write something and then make it real. You might want to take the page of this assignment (you may need to print it), fold it, and take it with you as you begin your adventure. With your assignment in hand you can refer to it to ensure that you’re actually doing what you’ve instructed yourself to do. You can also use this page to make notes during your adventure and record your impressions after you’ve completed your self-assigned task.

Me? Who knows? I’ll let you know when I get back from my own adventure.

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