Tear Up Your Todo List

by Randy Murray on June 12, 2014

Sometimes when I look at the backlog on my DVR I feel overwhelmed. So many things that I need to watch! If I don’t get serious I’ll run out of space!

And then I remember that they’re just TV shows, not obligations. So what if I don’t watch them? And If I have a series that’s collecting, unwatched, maybe it’s a sign that I’m not interested any more.

I find a great deal of relief in deciding NOT to continue to watch a TV series. Let’s delete them all. Let’s stop watching and forget about it. Sweet, sweet freedom.

I highly recommend it. Watch the good stuff. Stop watching everything else. Set yourself free.

You can do the same thing with your todo list. I’ve found that at times my list of things that I absolutely must do can get oppressive. I freeze up. There are so many things to do that I just don’t do anything.

That’s not useful. I am a great fan of putting things on lists for “someday, maybe,” and then filing them away out of sight. I much prefer a todo list that’s very short, perhaps with one or two things that I might need to do today. Tomorrow is another list, one I don’t need to see at the moment. I don’t need to see my entire project breakdown every moment of the day.

Yes, those big lists can be useful, but only infrequently. Today I’m just working on a couple of things. It will feel great when I check them off. Done. Complete. Success!

Tomorrow, next week, next month—those are all other lists, for other days.

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