They Just Don’t Get it: WATCH ABC

by Randy Murray on May 28, 2014

I love my Apple TV, but I struggle to see the purpose of some of the apps there. For instance, WATCH ABC.

At first glance it’s a terrific idea: watch ABC network shows on demand!

If only.

First: if you aren’t a cable network subscriber, you can’t use the app. That’s a real slap in the face.

Next: The programs are all locked in with commercials. A one-hour show will typically have something like twenty minutes of commercials. You can’t fast forward through them. And it’s usually the same three or four commercials, shown in the same order, at each break. And it’s just the current season, not the entire library of ABC shows.

It’s not advertising, it’s punishment. Torture.

Thank you ABC. I understand now. You don’t want me to watch your programs or use this app.

Message received and understood. I will not use your app or watch these programs.

I would, however, pay for a non-crippled app that didn’t require a cable subscription, did not have commercials, and contained the entire library of ABC shows from all of their broadcast history. I’d pay you.

Until then, I’m hiding the app from my sight on my Apple TV screen. It’s useless.

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