Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Throw Something Away

by Randy Murray on May 19, 2014

Right now, sitting at my desk working, I can look up and see several objects that have no use or purpose in my life. As an example there are three boxes of business cards that catch my eye every time I look up from my desk. I don’t need them. I won’t use them. And yet, I’m wasting seconds, minutes, even hours, glancing at those boxes day after day. It’s a waste of time, a drag on my mental energy.

And they take up valuable space.

So, between that paragraph and this one I saved this document, got up, and pulled them down off the shelf. After a bit of confirmation I’ve determined that I, in fact, do not need those FIVE boxes of cards—three separate business card types that I no longer need. Two of the boxes are slim and long. They contain 2,000 cards each (they were made and paid for by a client who wanted to present me as an employee). I haven’t had the need to use them in over a year.

Adios. I’ve disposed of them.* They’ll never trouble me again.**

I bet that there’s something within your line of sight that might provide similar relief once gone from your life.

Those boxes no longer distract me. And with them gone, I can finish this little sermon.

Go thou and do likewise.

*Recycle responsibly if possible.

**Since business cards are a form of identification I’ve added them to my “to shred” pile for later commercial destruction.

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