Writing Assignment: Write A Grand Plan

by Randy Murray on April 11, 2014

Writing is an occupation for those who are a bit mad. It is not a sensible or steady occupation. There are no guarantees. So why make little plans for your writing?

You want to write, so why hide your ambitions? Everyone else already suspects that your claims to be a writer are somewhat cracked. Why not embrace this insanity?

The act of writing is in and of itself is a defiant attempt at creating meaning out of the chaos. So why try little things? Let’s do something BIG.

For today’s assignment, write a short but grand plan. State your claim to write the great American novel (bonus points if you are not an American). Write your plan to outdo Shakespeare or Faulkner. Plan for something that is uniquely yours. Forget for just a moment all the things that tell you that this plan may not be possible and put it on paper. Let that imagination run at full steam.

A grand plan doesn’t have to be complex. All you need is a simple statement. “I will do blank.” Then you can follow that with a brief assessment of what reality looks like. “I do not know how to do blank.” And then list a few steps that might get you from that reality to that grand, hoped for state.

Pick any plan. Be Elon Musk and plan to go to Mars. Plan your theatre and become Shakespeare’s successor. Imagine yourself at the podium in Stockholm.

Why write at all if you can’t dream big? Be brave enough to learn to make grand, bold plans. Tomorrow you can decide if you’re ready to take up the plan and begin the first step. Today, just write your plan.

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