Writing Assignment: Write About Your Toolbox

by Randy Murray on August 23, 2013

A toolbox is a story. When you open the box you are presented with a history of things repaired, of projects completed, and of dreams of things to come. But the stories aren’t written on the underside of the lid. They’re stored in the memories of the people who stocked this toolbox.

When I look in my big, gray Craftsman toolbox I’m reminded of my childhood. This toolbox, all fresh and new, was given to me by my parents and stocked with the sensibilities of my father. He was a farmer, and my toolbox is loaded with the tools to repair heavy machinery. I rarely use the sockets and wrenches, but I know what they’re for. More often than not I use the screwdrivers, tape measure, or other small tools, but I’m prepared if I ever need to tear down and rebuild a diesel engine.

There are other stories in this box, stories about pulling and repairing a shower faucet, about installing shelves for books and precious possessions, about building a home. Without much hesitation I could tell you when each tool was acquired and why I bought it. Some people have memory palaces. I have a toolbox.

For today’s assignment, examine your toolbox, drawer, or container and write about the stories you find in there. Do not make this a simple inventory list. What do these objects remind you of? Why did you purchase each item? What projects did you plan for but never complete? And most importantly, what’s missing?

Almost every hobby or occupation has its own version of a toolbox. A tackle box for fishermen, the cleaning supplies for a musician’s instrument are just two examples. Find your toolbox and tell us a story. Tell yourself a story.


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