Three Rules Of Proper Notebook Management: 2-The Best Notebook To Use

by Randy Murray on June 5, 2013

Whatever is available.

The notebook or writing surface you have with you at the moment is the best one to use.

I love trying out new notebooks, but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter what brand or type of notebook I use. I frequently just carry a few 3×5 note cards to make notes on (and always have one folded in my wallet, just in case).

I have indestructible notebooks, whimsical ones, ones that are well made and finely crafted, and others that are barely held together with tape and staples. I have found them all useful.

Develop the habit of carrying and using something to write on and you will discover that having something, anything, to write on at all times is better than having the perfect thing to write on occasionally.

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