Product Review: Salney Sauce

by Randy Murray on September 24, 2012

Here’s a test to determine if you should continue reading this review or might enjoy this product: do you like or hate cilantro?

Cilantro, also known as coriander, is a green, leafy herb. Some, like myself, love the taste and use it to season rice and pasta and other foods.

Others, frankly, hate it and find the taste repellant. You know who you are. If you find the taste of cilantro soapy and disgusting, you probably have more than just a food preference. It’s quite possible that you have a genetic basis for this reaction. Genes or not, you are not alone.

That stated, if you love cilantro you will likely enjoy this new sauce called “Salney.” It’s labeled as a sauce or relish, but what it really is, in my opinion, is a pesto. I’ve been eating it on ham and provolone sandwiches and it works very well on pasta.

It has a mild flavor, not at all overpowering, and has a very smooth texture. It would work well on subs that have more distinctive and strong flavoring. A little on scrambled eggs is quite tasty.

While I typically prefer stronger flavors, like Sriracha or Tabasco (both the red and green), this milder but flavorful sauce is a nice addition, something to use in combination with other flavors.

Note: the manufacturer sent me a sample for review purposes. I haven’t seen it on local store shelves.

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