Writing Assignment: Write Your Own Modern Manners

by Randy Murray on September 21, 2012

We all have to deal with an increasingly crowded, busy planet. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all agree on just a few simple rules to smooth out getting through the day?

This week I’ve shared four of my suggested modern manners for:

And now it’s your turn.

For today’s assignment, write your own “Modern Manners.”  Select a modern area of behavior where you feel specific kinds of actions are important and write about it. Give us the reason why it’s important beyond “it’s polite.” Be specific about the issue and give clear directions and expectations of how one should act. Do not criticize a person or group, but an action or activity. And try not to layer on unnecessary expected behaviors. Let’s keep our modern manners simple, short, and effective.

When you’ve finished your assignment please share it with the rest of us. Sharing is old fashioned  good manners that have never gone out of style.

As a bonus, post your Modern Manners contribution and Tweet about it. Use the #modernmanners hashtag.


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