Writing Assignment: Accept Any Assignment

by Randy Murray on September 14, 2012

I have very little patience for people who claim, ” I have to wait for inspiration to strike before I can write.” The professional writer doesn’t have that luxury. We who make our living by writing can’t just sit around waiting until the muse whispers in our ears. For the most part we accept the jobs that clients offer us and bring our skills and intelligence quickly to the task.

I strongly believe that working in this way strengthens you for when inspiration does strike. I can write quickly and clearly because I write every day and most days I write on subjects not of my choosing. When you stop using “inspiration” as an excuse, you get to the work of writing.

I’ve given you this challenge before, urging you to accept an assignment from a stranger. Let’s take that to the next level.

For today’s assignment, go to your current form of social media (Twitter, Facebook, App.net, etc.) and ask for a topic to write about. Take the first one as your assignment. Do not pick and choose. Take the first one as your assignment.

Here’s a model tweet:

Give me something to write about! @cptnrandy has give me this Writing Assignment http://whowritesforyou.com/category/writing/writingassignment/

For bonus points, search this site for Writing Assignments and complete the first one you find, even if you’ve done it before.

Do that once a day, every day, for a month, and I believe that you’ll find writing about anything that YOU want to write about much easier.


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