Sharpen Your Writing Skills: Write About Taste

by Randy Murray on October 10, 2012

Today we’ll focus on the sense of taste. Taste, just like touch or sight, is an experience.

Find something, it doesn’t even have to be food or drink, and taste it. Before you write, think carefully about all of the aspects of taste. As you focus on taste it’s likely that new aspects of the experience will come into focus. Jot those down, then taste again. Approach this exercise as if you were tasting a fine wine, looking for the elements that come first and others that linger after, but for you, it’s not just the elements of the object that you are looking for, but the separate sensations and the thoughts that arrise from tasting.

Then write. When you’ve finished your paragraph, taste again. Did you capture the experience? If not, write again, write more.

Taste, then write.

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