Sharpen Your Writing Skills: Write About Sight

by Randy Murray on October 8, 2012

Your senses offer an important way for you to make your writing clearer. They give you a place to start when attempting description and detail. This week we’ll focus on writing with the senses, but just one at a time (return on Friday to combine your senses for a special Writing Assignment).

Today, just open your eyes, focus on one object, and write one paragraph about how this object appears to you. See it. Give details about the object itself, how it is positioned in relationship to you, how the light makes it look, and any other visual aspects that you observe.

When you’ve completed it, read your description.  Is it dry and clinical? Is it poetic and lyrical? What can you do to better describe the experience of SEEING this thing? Your goal isn’t simply to produce a description. You will create a better piece of writing if you focus on the experience of seeing than if you simply list the visual aspects of the thing.

See, then write.

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