Reviewed: The Loop iPod Nano Watch Band

by Randy Murray on March 1, 2012

I recently wrote about prototyping the future by wearing an iPod Nano as a watch and reviewed the LunaTik RedRun band. I’m still wearing the LunaTik RedRun.

But the people at Loop sent me one of their watch bands to try out and I gave it a go. It may be a better alternative for people who want to wear the iPod Nano as a watch sometimes, but not always. Or to interchange bands frequently.

To remove or replace an iPod Nano in the LunaTik RedRun you need to use the two included Allen wrenches. It’s not easy or something that you want to do often. It just happens that I don’t want to use the iPod Nano any other way, so I’m OK with that. But if you do want the flexibility, it’s not a good solution for you.

The Loop band lets you clip the iPod Nano reliably into the band. It provides a stable, reliable attachment and a good overall look. And it’s available in several different colors, so you can change them easiily, if you like. But the band doesn’t offer any real protection for the iPod. It’s a very minimal solution.

I found, however, as tried it out, it wasn’t a good look for me. My wife and youngest daughter both tried it out and they found that they liked it and it looked better on their much thinner wrists. You’ll have to be the judge to determine if the style of this band is right for you, but I found it too feminine. It gives the appearance of a colorful, swatch-like watch. It’s not to my personal taste, but it may be to yours.

Overall, it’s a good alternative. It’s inexpensive, available in a number of colors, and it’s very easy to attach or remove the iPod Nano from the band (but it’s completely secure when it’s attached).


Pros: inexpensive, secure attachment, choice of colors, easy to remove for flexibility.

Cons: Little protection for the iPod Nano, not for all tastes.


Link: Loop Watch Band


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