Sit There And Watch The Credits

06.24.2014 Movies

I’ve recently heard a lot of complaining (bitching, more accurately), about having to sit through all of the credits to see the little bits of teasers at the end of Marvel superhero movies. How dare they make us sit there! Get over yourself. The credits are part of the movie experience. Don’t be in such […]

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Movies And Roller Coasters: How Nerds Like Me Can Learn To Not Hate Fun Movies

01.15.2014 Movies

I love movies. I love the feeling and excitement of going to the theater, finding a seat among the crowd, and waiting in anticipation as the auditorium darkens. Some movies are deep and stay with me a long, long time. They provoke me and change me. Others make me laugh. Some make me jump in […]

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Useless Knowledge

05.13.2013 The life of the mind

There’s no such thing as useless knowledge. There are depths of trivia that can startle and worry those who haven’t thought about a subject. “That’s not important,” they say. “How could you possibly use that?” And yet, knowledge, any knowledge, understanding how things work, why they work, and what may be possible, is incredibly, amazingly […]

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