Writing Assignment: Write About Your Fears

10.25.2013 writing

It is exceptionally difficult to write well. And it becomes much more difficult when the writer is afraid of doing the work. There are a lot of legitimate fears for writers. Here are a few: You don’t know enough to do the writing. You don’t know what readers will be interested in. Your readers know […]

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Scary Thoughts For Writers: You’ll Never Attract Readers

10.24.2013 writing

This one, this thing from the depths of perdition, is a nasty little critter. I found it affixed to the back of my computer monitor years ago. It showed up the moment that I launched this very site, this blog. It seemed quite reasonable, unthreatening at first. And then it croaked out, “Why even bother? […]

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Sharpen Your Writing Skills: Write Out Your Fears

10.31.2012 writing

What are you afraid of? Are these things keeping you from writing and writing well? Let’s get them written out. This is not just a Halloween post. I suspect that each and every one of us fears something. It might not be just about writing, but life fears. Fears accumulate like items on our todo lists. […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Fairy Tale

02.24.2012 writing

I hope that you aren’t under the impression that fairy tales are stories for children. A really good fairy tale is frightening, disturbing, and a warning. They can be watered down to entertain little ones, but it’s hard to completely rob them of their core menace. Look at any fairy tale for a few minutes […]

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Keep Your Children Fearless

07.13.2011 Family

When Kathleen was home recently she pulled out the home movies that I’d transferred to DVD. I don’t think I’d looked at them other than to check to make sure that the transfer was good. We sat down as she skipped through movies taken when she was very little. I was thin, my hair still […]

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