Like Sand Through An Hour Glass

05.15.2014 Family

My wife and I are very fortunate. Our two daughters, now both adults, still want to spend time with us. But it’s not much time. Not much at all. They have lives, careers, and adventures of their own. The time we get to spend together is a few days here and there and perhaps a […]

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Experiences, Not Memories

12.12.2013 Family

As a father, a parent, one of the things that I hear a lot is about “making memories” for your children. But that is one thing that you cannot do. A memory is something completely personal. You cannot predict how someone, particularly a child, will interpret and remember an event. Memories are tricky things. When […]

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Not Every Child Needs to Learn How To Code

07.16.2013 Technology

I’ve seen a lot of people talking lately about how important it is for every child to learn to program, to code. I disagree. I think that it’s very important for children to make art and music, to learn to read and write very well. I think that it’s essential that children learn that the […]

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I Was A Mall Santa

12.22.2011 Family

Many years ago, when I was in my first year of grad school and Diane and I were in our second year of marriage, I took a job as a mall Santa. The next semester I’d be teaching expository writing and making money working as a tutor, but the extra money earned as a Santa […]

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Empty Nest

09.20.2011 Family

How odd, to be alone in this quiet house. This house, our home, has been a nest, a place where we nurtured two daughters. My wife and I tried to make it safe, comfortable, and an enjoyable place to be. A refuge and a resource. And now, the youngest has left the nest. I’m so […]

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