Writing Assignment: Write About Chicken (Or Chickpeas)

12.06.2013 Food and Cooking

This week I’ve been rather obsessively writing about chicken. I’m continually amazed at how many meals can come from one little bird brought home from the supermarket in a bag. There are a world of possibilities from many simple foods like rotisserie chicken. You just need a bit of imagination and planning. You don’t necessarily […]

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Day 4 of Rotisserie Chicken Week: Chicken Stock, Chicken Soup

12.05.2013 Food and Cooking

Making chicken stock sounds like some complex, Le Cordon Bleu mastery. Trust me, it ain’t. It is the simplest, easiest thing to do and will reward you not just with another meal, but with the basis of so many great meals. And it’s practically free. You’ve been eating off this little chicken for an entire week. […]

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Day 3 of Rotisserie Chicken Week: Chicken Salad

12.04.2013 Food and Cooking

This is the 3rd day on your single rotisserie chicken. Today let’s make chicken salad. This is simplicity itself. Take the remaining meat from the chicken that you’ve already deboned and place it on a cutting board. Cut it into chunks of no more than 1/4 inch square. Place the chunks in a bowl and […]

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Day 2 of Rotisserie Chicken Week: Easy, Cheesy, Chicken Tortilla Soup

12.03.2013 Food and Cooking

We’re at day two of making meals from a single rotisserie chicken (for two people). Today we’ll make a tasty soup that you can prepare in just minutes. This isn’t really cooking—it’s assembly. Anyone can put this soup together. You’ll need: Most of the meat from the left over half chicken. 1 can of chicken […]

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A Week Of Meals From One Rotisserie Chicken

12.02.2013 Food and Cooking

The simple supermarket rotisserie chicken is an almost magical food. It’s inexpensive, tasty, and if you have a bit of imagination, it can be the basis of many different meals. I suppose it shouldn’t shock me, but I find that too many people make a quick meal of one and toss what’s left. What a […]

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