When Minimal Isn’t Enough

12.16.2013 Minimal

Minimalism isn’t about having or doing the very least. It’s about having or doing things simply, when simple is best. I enjoy simplicity, but I also dearly enjoy extravagance and blowing the top off when it’s called for. You can watch a movie on your phone, but in my opinion you are not practicing minimalism […]

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3D TV: Cool Demo, Then Back To Regular 2D Viewing

07.15.2013 gadgets

I recently bought a new TV for our newly remodeled bedroom, a Sony 55-Inch TV. It’s very nice, with a beautiful picture and very thin design. And it came with 3D capabilities. I didn’t want the 3D stuff, but it came with every TV of that class that I looked at. We also received a new […]

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