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Beach Reading 2012

07.23.2012 Books and Literature

I’m off to the beach and it’s time for my stack of books. This year I’m taking Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe (Recently recommended as a “next read” to Game of Thrones fans). The Pacific and Other Stories by Mark Helprin - strongly recommended and lent by my friend and editor, Penny. American Gods by Neil [...]

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Make Good Art

06.14.2012 Art

Yesterday’s Required Reading featured author Neil Gaiman. Gaiman is a remarkable author, someone who really has a voice. It’s clear, articulate, and has a pacing and rhythm that captivates me. It’s clearly his voice. I was reminded of this recently when I watched the video of Gaiman delivering the commencement speech for the 2012 graduating [...]

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Required Reading: American Gods

06.13.2012 Books and Literature

Here’s another Required Reading post from Penny Mattern. This is one of my favorite books from one of my favorite authors and I strongly recommend it. _____________ I recently re-read  American Gods by Neil Gaiman. When I did, I rediscovered just how terrific it was, and decided I wanted to write it up for the Required Reading series. This [...]

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The Writer’s Life: Reading

04.12.2012 blogging

There is a debate, among writers, over if reading is required for writers. I come down firmly on the side of that yes, you, as a writer, must be a dedicated reader. At least if you want to become a good, potentially great, writer. Most writers recognized the drive to write comes from a love [...]

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Required Reading: Orsinian Tales, by Ursula K. Le Guin

04.11.2012 Books and Literature

Here’s an excellent recommendation for your reading written by Penny Mattern _____________________ First of all, if you have heard of Le Guin and think of her as a “science fiction” or “fantasy” writer, please don’t. Certainly she has won pretty much every prestigious award in the field, awards given by both fans and fellow writers, [...]

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