Notes From The Road: Recover

by Randy Murray on August 28, 2012

One day of our Scotland trip we took a small bus tour into the Scottish Highlands.

And I got spectacularly car sick.

I hadn’t thought anything about it when we started, but the small bus twisted and turned, slowed and sped up, and before I knew it I was signaling for the driver to stop and getting a closeup view of a Highland ditch. At another point he couldn’t stop quick enough, so the other passengers were rewarded with a view of me with my head out the window as we sped down the road, decorating the side of the bus.

There are many ways you can fall ill while you travel. Sometimes, like this, it’s unavoidable and you simply must get through it. Even with me in that state the girls still list this tour as one of the highlights of the trip. The weather was marvelous and even though I was sick and miserable I couldn’t help but note the beauty of the countryside.

I even took a lovely nap alongside the shore of Loch Ness.

When I made it through the twelve hour ordeal and we returned I began to feel much better. I had a little something to eat, and then the next day I continued eating very little and selecting carefully. By the end of that day I was fully back to myself.

When you’re traveling and fall sick you have two responsibilities: get yourself well and as much as possible don’t interfere with your traveling companions’ enjoyment of the trip. If you must disappear for a day or so, do so, rest, recover, and return back to activities.

And think of the story you’ll have to tell.

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