Writing Assignment: Write to A Favorite Album

by Randy Murray on May 25, 2012

This week I’ve been talking about writing at times where I’m not always successful at keeping to my writing schedule. And I’ve been listening to one of my favorite albums while thinking about the pieces. As I’ve written, the music has pumped up my energy. The rhythms have shown up in my sentences. And I find myself smiling as words appear as if unbidden, on their own, on my screen.

I don’t always write to music. I sometimes find it distracting. But there are other times when it really gets me going and helps me let the ideas flow.

It’s not just any music that does this for me. It’s the familiar, my favorite albums, that do this. I know this territory, I can relax. And I can write.

This week I’ve bee writing to The Great Summit. This is a very special album. It’s the only time that Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington recorded together. It’s a sweet, sweet brief moment in time. It’s not just some wonderful music and performances, it’s some of the most definitive recordings of these jazz and popular music standards.

You might find that a favorite album of yours can do the same thing. It’s time to try it.

For today’s assignment, select one of your favorite music albums and listen to it while you’re writing about a different subject (not writing about the album itself).

As a suggestion, write a short piece about your summer writing plans, while listening to a favorite album.

Here’s one of mine: Amazon Album Link: Great Summit: Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington

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