Writing On The Road

by Randy Murray on May 21, 2012

I’m coming up on a busy travel season. Lots of time in cars and planes, away from home, busy with business, family, and friends.

But I’ve still got to write.

In the past I’ve been pretty lax about writing when way from home, but I need to keep at it this time, from now through September, to keep my clients happy, to meet my creative goals, and to stay sane.

Here’s what I’m planning:

  • I’ll carry my notebook everywhere and make a journal entry at the beginning of each day, covering the events of the previous day.
  • I’ll also use my iPad and bluetooth keyboard and keep up the long form work, even if it’s just in plain text and will need reformatting later.
  • And I’ll set up goals and deadlines now—and keep them
  • And perhaps what I’ve found the most helpful before: I’ll make commitments to others who will hold me to my promises.

Writing on the road is difficult, but it’s rewarding. You can never take too many pictures and I’ve found that you never regret the time you spend writing.

So in the immortal words of our old friend Louis Armstrong, “Do nothin’ till you hear from me.”

And keep writing.


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