Writing On Vacation

by Randy Murray on May 22, 2012

Vacations are intended to be a break from the ordinary. I’ve long had a rule to not call into the office while on vacation. You can’t get anything but bad news by doing that. But in the years since I’ve become independent, I carry my office with me.

To make sure I’m taking a break, I plan in advance so that I not only have work completed before I leave, but I also have a buffer when I return.

But I still need to write, and my goal is to write every day, even on vacation.

Here’s my plan:

  • Create a clear, daily plan for writing, including writing times.
  • Work on continuing projects instead of looking for new ones while vacationing.
  • Make writing while on vacation a reward, not a requirement. Look for ways to make it comfortable, special, and rewarding.

And when all else fails, simply get up early and write. Writing on vacation is a special treat.

Listen to Satchmo when he says, “I’m just a lucky so and so.”



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