Working From Home

04.22.2013 Business

For most of my professional life I worked in offices, commuting around the top half of the city of Columbus, but for the past three years, as a professional business writer, I’ve worked from home. I love it. But it’s clear that this is not for everyone. I have over twenty five years experience practicing [...]

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Thoughts On Retirement

08.14.2012 Jobs & Working

A friend of mine recently said, “I’ll never retire. Retirement is death!” It certainly used to be. Only a few years ago it was expected that men (who dominated the workforce until recently) would work until 65, retire, then go home and die within a few years. My uncle told me the story of one [...]

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Be Careful What You Publish

11.29.2011 blogging

Thank god the internet didn’t go public until I was an adult. There’s no online record of all of the stupid or dangerous or immature things I did in high school or college. Yes, some people may remember these things, but they’re damn liars. As they say, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” It’s a different [...]

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Maturity And Relaxed Productivity

05.31.2011 GTD

Maturity has nothing to do with getting older. Maturity is simply more time spent on a task or topic, deeper experience and understanding, more depth. Immature means not ready, untested, unprepared for the contingencies. We all start there, but no one has to stay there.  Understanding only the surface, if that, keeps one immature. And [...]

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Avoid Burning Bridges

05.14.2010 Business

Years ago when I was leaving a comfortable corporate job to strike out on my own and start a new business with a partner, a friend and colleague pulled me aside and said, “Be careful not to burn any bridges when you leave. Columbus is a very small town.” I hadn’t planned on it, but [...]

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