Perfect Or Fail: Why Customer Service Surveys Are Useless

02.07.2012 Business

I took my wife’s car, her beloved MINI Cooper, in for the yearly service the other day. I waded throughout the surprising amount of paper work to drop it off for an oil change, getting the tires rotated, and the wipers changed. I did the same thing again when picking it up. Then, before the [...]

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Not Good Enough

08.29.2011 Business

Do you every ask yourself, “Why do I put up with this crap?” Bad food, bad treatment from businesses, bad products? I find it delightful when I discover an inexpensive purchase to have surprisingly good value, but when the opposite happens, I find it unleashes in me an unpleasant level of anger and frustration. I’m [...]

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Attitude In Customer Service Is Everything

12.21.2010 Business

OK, I’m taking a deep breath and taking another try at this. My first draft was a thousand word screed about the lousy service experience I just had, but I think this carries my point better. Here it is in a nutshell: I recently went through a two and a half week trial to get [...]

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