Freelancers & Retirement: Invest, Don’t Just Save

11.12.2013 Business

For more than a few years I was a business manager. One of the most difficult things that I tried to do, and mostly failed at, was to convince employees to invest part of their earnings. I tried saying, “Every PRE TAX dollar that you set aside for your future will be matched by the […]

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Living It Up: Why We Play The Spend Nothing Game

04.21.2011 Business

It may sound backwards, but we play the Spend Nothing Game so we can spend a lot of money on some special things. In just a few weeks my wife Diane and I are taking our youngest daughter to the UK for a long-promised trip. She’s graduating from high school and we wanted to help […]

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Spending Nothing In The Face Of Temptation – And Get Free Coffee

05.26.2010 The Spend Nothing Game

The Spend Nothing Game is one tough game to win. Even if you’re just playing the solitaire version, keeping your spending at zero for non-essential items is pretty difficult. But it can be done. As a brief aside, I’ve had some criticism of the Spend Nothing Game as being “middleclass twattery” and complaints that the […]

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