What Can Clutter Tell You?

08.25.2014 GTD

The far end of my desk is currently a mass of paper, notebooks, and folders. It’s actually something like four piles that have fallen together. To the untrained eye it may look like I’m in the middle of something big. But I know better. One pile is my overflowing inbox. The other is a project that will […]

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Dumpster Day Redux: Your Midyear Chance to Clear The Decks

07.20.2011 GTD

I typically recommend a “Dumpster Day” at the end of the year, perhaps on New Year’s Eve when there’s little productive work that can be done. But it’s also good to do one at midyear, when it’s hot (at least in most places in the US). Any excuse to lighten your load from the clutter […]

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