Winning At Freelancing: The Guilt Free Three Hour Lunch

11.14.2013 Business

One of the things that I promised myself when I left the world of full-time employment was that I would never again punch a clock. Being a freelancer, or “gainfully unemployed,” is a blessing to me. And I choose to focus on the “free” part. I have plenty of client work, but I don’t have […]

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The Mistake of Free

10.12.2011 Business

Free is an intoxicating word. It captures the attention. It promises, it titillates, it teases. And ultimately, it disappoints. And yet some businesses, especially ones that live in the digital arena, embrace it, use it as a business model. They promote free because it allows rapid, even rabid growth. It can ignite Metcalfe’s Law, the […]

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