Movies, Books, The Imagination, And Enjoying Them All

03.26.2014 Books and Literature

It’s getting so that I can’t go on the Internet anymore. I am a movie lover. One of the great joys of my youth was to go to a movie theater and see a movie, any movie, typically something I had not even heard of. I’d go in, sit down, and when the lights dimmed […]

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Stop Ruining Your Movie Experiences

01.08.2014 Movies

Just before Christmas and with both of my adult daughters home for the holidays we settled into our home theater and watched “North By Northwest.” I realize that most people don’t have private home theaters or screening rooms. But watching that movie in that special space I realized something else. If you’ve watched this movie […]

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The Joy of Bad Movies

12.20.2012 Movies

While I was recovering from my recent surgery I found that I enjoyed watching bad movies more than good ones. A good movie pulls you in and demands your attention and focus, but during my recovery I couldn’t focus to that degree. A bad movie pushes you away a bit, lets you have fun at […]

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Required Listening: Aaron Copland: The Music Of America

02.29.2012 Listening

Even if you claim not to like orchestral music (and I believe that you probably do like it, even if you don’t know it), you know bits and pieces of Aaron Copland’s work. It’s very difficult to avoid. Copland’s work has become a touchstone for film and television soundtracks. Copland wrote many himself, including one […]

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Day For Night

12.21.2011 Art

In movie and TV production sometimes it’s necessary to cut corners, to make the best of a limited budget or sub-optimal conditions. They have a type of filming, shooting, that they call “Day For Night.” It literally means “we’ll shoot during the daytime and use filters or other effects to make it appear to be […]

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