Five Questions For Writers #1: Does Grammar Matter?

by Randy Murray on February 24, 2014

This week I’m going to ask five simple questions for writers to answer for themselves. I believe this is a useful exercise (it was for me) and will help writers to highlight what’s important to them and where they need to work to reach their writing goals.

Question #1: Does grammar matter?

Grammar is the set of structural rules for written language. This structure, and its skilled use, is what imparts context, meaning and emphasis, clarity and readability, among other qualities, into your writing. These rules shift over time, and, as with any structural system, when you know how to use it, you can sometimes bend or break them to good effect.

But is grammar important to YOU as a writer? Do your struggles with grammar dampen your ability to accomplish what you want to with your writing? Are you able to express what you need to, the way that you want to?

And do you label your grammatical problems as “style”?

I have an editor to help me with my grammatical failings, which are many. What are YOU doing about grammar and your writing?

The complete Five Questions for Writers.

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