Stock Your Toolbox: Gorilla Glue

by Randy Murray on August 20, 2013

Tools aren’t limited to metal, plastic, and wood. One of the most used tools in my toolbox is an adhesive. I can’t tell you how many repairs are made possible by a little dab of Gorilla Glue.

White glue works well for wood and paper, but that’s about it. It’s a home essential, not a universal solution. Not all repairs are simple wood-to-wood fixes. And even when they are, the repair may require something stronger, more permanent. Gorilla Glue is my go-to solution for repairing metal, wood, glass, and other materials.

I’ve never had much success with “super” glues, but Gorilla Glue usually works for me. The secret to using this glue is two fold: apply a THIN layer and clamp. If you do both of these things you’ll likely find success. If you, however, glop it on thick and then just press the two pieces together, you’ll probably end up with a sticky, disconnected mess.

They say that you can fix anything with duct tape, but for me Gorilla Glue fills the bill.

Gorilla Glue (Amazon link).


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