by Randy Murray on August 15, 2012

Today marks two important anniversaries for me. The first is my 31st wedding anniversary. The 2nd is the third anniversary of my independence and the creation of this site.

When I sat down three years ago, fresh out of a job, I looked forward, not back. I made a promise to myself and placed it at the top of the page. I told my self to think about “First Today, Then Tomorrow.” And that approach has worked out wonderfully well. I’ve written and published 774 posts in that time and kept my promise to publish something new five days a week. And along the way I’ve found some terrific clients and made many new friends.

I’d like to thank my family, friends, readers, and clients for the past three years and I have high hopes for the years to come. Special thanks goes out to my friend and editor, Penny. Without her help, guidance, and critical eye I would have given up on this project long ago.

In the next year (just 45 weeks from now), I’ll have written and published 1,000 posts. I suppose that number should mean something, but I am focused on the work at hand. I’ll worry about tomorrow later.


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