Writing Assignment: If I Were The King Of The Forest

by Randy Murray on August 10, 2012

Not all writers are dreamers, but writing is an excellent occupation for those of us who daydream and ask the big “What if?” questions.

That’s the fun of daydreaming. You can imagine what any scenario would be like. You can follow a branching dream as far as you like, then start over and explore another. You can cry, “If only!” and not worry about what others will think or say.

You don’t have to move to a little shack in the woods and write a detailed manifesto (in fact, I recommend against doing that). Just have a little fun and think about what you’d do if this were YOUR world. Yours to do as you wished.

The problem, the difficulty, is to think big enough. Yes, it would be wonderful if you never had to wait in line at the supermarket, but can’t you dream bigger than that? If not waiting’s your thing, what if you never had to wait for anything. No stoplights, no waiting for that blockbuster movie, no waiting for the pizza delivery or the microwave to finish heating your Hot Pocket?

Dream big, make big plans, and have fun. If we’re going to put you in charge don’t waste it on saving three cents on toilet paper.

For today’s assignment, write your plans for when you are made king of the forest. What would you change? What would you do? Write about how the world would be a better (or at least different) place if we were to make you universal emperor, even if just for one day.

This isn’t a campaign speech. You don’t have to convince anyone. Just lay out your plans.

Dream big.

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