Clear It All Out

by Randy Murray on January 5, 2012

So much stuff.

This time of year when we’re still clearing away the boxes and torn wrapping paper I’m faced again with what to do with the new stuff.

The answer is simple: get rid of some old stuff.

My wife bought me some new wooden kitchen utensils. I keep the ones I use daily in a blue urn to the right of the gas range. I’m still sorting through them to get rid of the beat up and mangled old ones, but I’ll need to sort it down even more so I can use these beautiful new ones. The handles are a bit thicker, but they’ll be the ones I want now.

There are new books. I’ll need to find a place on the shelves for them and that might mean resorting and reorganizing what’s on there already. Shelf space is getting tight.

And when I opened a dresser door to toss in a box I wanted to keep for the new pocket knife, other, older boxes tumbled out. It’s time to clear it all out.

That dresser space. The only time open it is to throw something in. But I’m making the commitment today to sit down soon with a big box and empty it all out. I’ll sort through it all and only put back those things that I really want or need. Everything else will be given away, traded, sold, or tossed. I’ll have more space, I’ll know where to find the things I have, and I’ll feel better.

Be careful when you try this yourself. I find the experience addictive. Clean out one drawer and you want to move onto the next. If you’re not careful you could clear out an entire cabinet, maybe a room, your whole house. Then what will you do with all of that space?


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