Writing Assignment: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

by Randy Murray on March 30, 2012

You could be a better writer.

You could write better if you set out to work at it.

You could improve your writing if you wrote regularly and with intention.

You could become a great writer if you practiced rewriting your own work.

You are not a genius. You are not a naturally gifted writer. Every word you set down upon the page or on the screen is not a jewel. But don’t give up hope. My friend and editor Penny tells me that every writer has a backlog of bad writing that they have to get out of the way before they get to the good stuff. This I know to be true. You only get to be a really fine writer by working at it.

And by working at it I don’t just mean writing regularly. I also mean rewriting your own work over and over again.

For today’s assignment, take a simple phrase, anything that comes to mind. You can pick it off of this page or create your own.

Then rewrite it.

Then rewrite it again.

Do not stop until you’ve rewritten your phrase at least ten times.

For bonus points, do it again.


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