Inbox Zero The Easy Way

09.01.2014 Business

My wife has over 17,000 unread messages in her personal email inbox. It’s all pretty much ads, come of them years old. It makes me a little anxious every time I catch a glimpse of her phone and that amazingly high number highlighted in red. But she’s comfortable with it and I limit myself to an […]

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What Can Clutter Tell You?

08.25.2014 GTD

The far end of my desk is currently a mass of paper, notebooks, and folders. It’s actually something like four piles that have fallen together. To the untrained eye it may look like I’m in the middle of something big. But I know better. One pile is my overflowing inbox. The other is a project that will […]

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Tear Up Your Todo List

06.12.2014 GTD

Sometimes when I look at the backlog on my DVR I feel overwhelmed. So many things that I need to watch! If I don’t get serious I’ll run out of space! And then I remember that they’re just TV shows, not obligations. So what if I don’t watch them? And If I have a series […]

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Simple Productivity Task Of The Day: Throw Something Else Away

05.20.2014 Simple Productivity

One of the most helpful things that you can do to make your self more productive is to accomplish something. If you followed my advice from yesterday you threw something away. Congratulations! You accomplished something. Let’s do it again. Pick something else, something without purpose or use, and dispose of it. Give it away. Recycle […]

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Solve Problems By Not Solving Them

04.01.2014 Business

When friends are struggling with a seemingly insurmountable problems I often tell them this old joke: Question: How do you get down off an elephant? Answer: You don’t. You get down off a duck. And the usual reply is a frown and a puzzled “I don’t get it.” The joke has two important components: the […]

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