by Randy Murray on April 15, 2014


When writers first begin to stretch their skills they may begin to explore how others think and experience life. But the use of “you” is not without the anchor of the “I.” You is a reflection of the writer, showing the writer’s observation of the other. The writer remains separate.

What did that other see? How did that other feel? What is is like to experience “you-ness”?

Today, pick a simple incident that you have personally witnessed and write about it with a focus on another person present might who experienced the event. Remain anchored in yourself. You are not that other person. “You” is an signal that the writer is attempting to attribute thoughts, feelings, and actions to another. 

Today, write focusing on someone else’s experience, but remain clearly yourself.



04.14.2014 writing

I. The most natural and simple way for a writer to express thoughts. I did this. I thought this. I saw this. Here’s a simple exercise for writers: pick a simple incident that you’ve personally witnessed and write about it with a focus on that single personal pronoun. I. Today, write focusing on yourself. What […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Grand Plan

04.11.2014 writing

Writing is an occupation for those who are a bit mad. It is not a sensible or steady occupation. There are no guarantees. So why make little plans for your writing? You want to write, so why hide your ambitions? Everyone else already suspects that your claims to be a writer are somewhat cracked. Why […]

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Dare To Write What You Really Want

04.10.2014 writing

Writing with a head cold provides one with an interesting opportunity. It’s hard to breathe. My head feels like it’s filled with hot, viscous fluid. I ply myself with medications and concoctions. And while I’m fighting the illness, the part of me that is sensible and guarded and typically keeps a close eye on my […]

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Strange Dreams

04.09.2014 The life of the mind

It may be this cold. It may be the medication (or the liberal consumption of hot toddies). But for some reason over this last week I have been visited by strange dreams. Dreams, as such, don’t trouble me. I do not take them as prophecy or warnings. They can, however, stick with me, follow me […]

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