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If you want to improve your writing, make writing practice fun and effective, then I think you’ll enjoy my book Writing Assignments. A fresh Writing Assignment published every Friday.

You can purchase the paperback edition here. Or you can get it for the Amazon Kindle or Apple iBooks.

Writing Assignment: Write About Your Current Emotions

10.17.2014 writing

Emotions are messy things. We often do not feel just one thing at a time. We can be angry and sad simultaneously. We can be happy and wistful or pleased and worried. And rarely do we stop and say, “what am I feeling right this moment?” This is your big chance. Stop. Ask yourself the question […]

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Writing Assignment: Write About Wearing A Watch

10.10.2014 writing

You either wear a watch or you do not. You may or may not own one. But it is likely that at some time in your life you have owned one and worn it. That is a very common modern experience. Some people today claim that the age of wrist watches is over. You don’t […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Single Piece Using All Eight Writing Prompts

10.03.2014 writing

Over the last two weeks I’ve been publishing simple little prompts to help writers take action and write. Let’s up the ante today. For today’s assignment use all eight of my writing prompts and perform them one after the other to writer a single piece. Here they are: More Writing Prompts Take a deep breath Stand, then […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Writing Prompt For Another Writer

09.26.2014 writing

Sometimes it is easier to urge others to action than to stimulate oneself in the same. Today we’ll try and do both. Writing prompts are short and very specific enticements to writers to help them write, practice, and experience a moment of writing success. I’ve been offering many: here’s my list of Writing Prompts. I’ll add more from time to […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Complaint Letter To Yourself

09.19.2014 writing

It’s relatively easy to express our grievances to others. But can you point this same displeasure about service or quality of work back at yourself without letting your emotions run away into an angry screed? When writing a letter of complaint it is best to compose one’s message politely, clearly, and with a suggestion on how […]

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