Writing Assignments – The Book

If you want to improve your writing, make writing practice fun and effective, then I think you’ll enjoy my book Writing Assignments. A fresh Writing Assignment published every Friday.

You can purchase the paperback edition here. Or you can get it for the Amazon Kindle or Apple iBooks.

Writing Assignment: Write A Grand Plan

04.11.2014 writing

Writing is an occupation for those who are a bit mad. It is not a sensible or steady occupation. There are no guarantees. So why make little plans for your writing? You want to write, so why hide your ambitions? Everyone else already suspects that your claims to be a writer are somewhat cracked. Why […]

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Writing Assignment: Write Yourself Out Of A Corner

04.04.2014 writing

Painting is one of those activities where the initial excitement of starting the project, of putting paint and color up on the wall, quickly gives way to the drudgery of the task. When you’re painting the floor it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of starting the project and quickly find that you’ve ended […]

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Writing Assignment: Write About A Star

03.28.2014 writing

The stars are more than pretty lights in the sky. The are the keys to understanding the universe and your place in it. People just like you and me have looked up and wondered about them for millennia. We have the advantage of all of their wondering, testing, and imagination. We know what these bright […]

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Writing Assignment: Write An Urgent Message To A Stranger

03.21.2014 writing

A strange man stops at your cafe table. He steadies himself against the empty chair, then looks quickly to his left and right. “Here,” he says. He takes a crumpled piece of paper out of his coat pocket and drops it in the center of the table. And then he limps away. A waiter? You […]

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Writing Assignment: Write Starting With A Randomly Selected Word

03.07.2014 writing

One of the key motivations for my creation of Writing Assignments was to help writers overcome the “what should I write?” dilemma. Too many writers stare at a blank page/screen and find themselves frozen, stuck. Thaw out. Unstuck yourself. Simply make up your mind to accept an assignment and write. I’ve been thinking about that […]

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