Writing Assignment: Write A Soundtrack For A Friday

03.08.2013 Listening

I love movie music. The musical “soundtrack” is, I believe, an underrated and under-appreciated form of music. It’s looked at by some as incidental, commercial, and unnoticed. “It’s an emotional trick,” they say. Hogwash. Music often takes a movie from entertainment to art. I’ve always enjoyed movies, but I know the moment that I fell in […]

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A Soundtrack For A Thursday

03.07.2013 Listening

Smoke N’Oakum The Fighting 17th Hold fast.

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A Soundtrack for a Tuesday

03.05.2013 Listening

Band of Brothers Suite One Band of Brothers Suite Two Sergeant—I need you to take that hill. You have your orders. Good luck.

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Required Listening: Aaron Copland: The Music Of America

02.29.2012 Listening

Even if you claim not to like orchestral music (and I believe that you probably do like it, even if you don’t know it), you know bits and pieces of Aaron Copland’s work. It’s very difficult to avoid. Copland’s work has become a touchstone for film and television soundtracks. Copland wrote many himself, including one […]

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