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Content Marketing Hard Truth #3: You’re Boring Your Prospects & Scaring Them Away

09.19.2013 blogging

Prospective customers can read your brochures online. That’s not content marketing. Content marketing is providing useful, interesting, and relevant information on a regular basis that attracts people who might be interested in your product or service. Here’s the third hard truth about content marketing: If you just talk about your product and your company you […]

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Content Marketing Hard Truth #2: It’s Expensive & Difficult, But It Works

09.18.2013 blogging

Beware all marketing promises of “cheap and easy.” Is what you’re selling cheap and easy? Probably not. Those two words are a warning sign. Cheap and easy are typically a lie. Here’s the second hard truth about content marketing: it’s expensive and difficult to do right. But if you do it right, it is extremely […]

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Content Marketing Hard Truth #1: Traffic & Success Comes From Your Previous Posts

09.17.2013 blogging

Content marketing has been hailed as THE current marketing trend. Some claim that it’s cheap, easy, and very effective. It can be very effective. But it’s not that easy. Here’s the first hard truth about content marketing: the success that you’re looking for, all of that golden traffic to your web site, comes from having […]

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The Expense Of Editing: A Missing Component For Too Many Content Marketing Plans

07.03.2013 blogging

I’ve been arguing these past few weeks (and far longer), about the need for writers to work with editors. What some may not realize is this: businesses that want to take advantage of content marketing to increase their sales also need editors. But how much will editing cost? The cost of editing falls across three […]

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No More Excuses: Find An Editing Partner

07.02.2013 blogging

If you are working within a business and you are focusing on content marketing, one of the key roles that you are likely missing, the very thing that may limit your success, is good editing. If you are an individual who wants to be a writer and grow an audience, a good editing partner can […]

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