Strapped In

Since my recent back surgery I’ve been wearing a big compression brace. I’ve had more than one person tell me it looks like I won the World Wrestling Federation competition (alas, I was only runner up). It keeps everything in place, but it’s great to strip it off to relax in a reclined chair or bed.

I’ve been wearing it while writing here at my standing desk and I’ve noticed something else. I’m standing very straight, tall, and more relaxed. It’s an excellent way to write.

Standing, strapped into this thing, is adding to my focus. I know that I have limited time before I’ll need to sit down. That means I need to get things done. I’m writing more efficiently, quickly, and surprisingly to me, even more easily.

It’s all mental, all in my mind. The back brace is not making me a better writer. The standing desk doesn’t either. What makes me a better writer is girding up my mind and being resolved to write. Now that I know this I can use the effect of “strapping in” to help me to get busy and get things done for my clients and myself, even when I’m not wearing the brace.

And I know this: when I’m done, I’ll feel better, both from the productivity I achieve and my more relaxed, recently repaired back.

You can do the same thing and you don’t need a back brace. Perhaps you could try a “writing jacket.” A hat is a natural choice. Even one of those silicone bracelets might work. Put something on to work, take it off when you’ve completed the job. Do not wear your writing gear when you’re not writing.

Strap yourself in. Get in front of your keyboard or blank page. Buckle up, Sport. There’s work to be done.

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