Product Review: The Tilley Hat

by Randy Murray on July 25, 2012

If you are going to be out in the sun you really should wear a hat. Not a baseball cap, a true, big-brimmed hat.

Why? Because it will keep you cooler. And it will help to protect your face and neck from harmful solar radiation. You’ll look better if you don’t damage your skin.

And if you’re going to wear a hat, you should wear a good one. I highly recommend the classic Tilley hat.

I’ve worn the cotton duck hat for years. It’s still a great hat, though worn and sweat stained (and I’ve washed it countless times). It’s a great hat for the beach or for yard work. Tilley guarantees them for life against wearing out or falling apart, even insures them agains loss!

I also have one of their “Airflo” hats. This one still looks new, even though I’ve worn it for a few years, even wore it jet skiing on Lake Erie. It offers great protection and is a bit cooler than the duck model.

Most of their hats have a unique system to help you keep the hat on in high winds and I’ve tested them on the windy Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Both of these also have a pocket inside, a great place to keep a few bucks, your ID, and their famous “brag tags” that they use to let wearers evangelize their product.

If a hat is good enough for Edmund Hillary, it’s good enough for me!

Me (not Sir Edmund Hillary) in my Duck Cotton Tilley Hat.

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Dan Wilkinson July 25, 2012 at 8:28 am

It’s not a true Tilley until it’s been through an elephant. Twice…


Corey Nagle July 25, 2012 at 9:07 am

I’d have to recommend the Real Deal Brazil hat. Not exactly dressy, but with a little work, it can be fairly presentable. They’re fantastic in the elements, and breathe well.

And personally, I think they look cool as hell.


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