Tech Buying Tip #7: Keep An Older System As A Backup

I’m big on reselling your gadgets when you buy the newest one, but I’ve found an exception to this not-quite-a-rule. It’s very handy to have your old system up and functioning while you test your new gear and make sure that “it’s a keeper.”

If you purchase a new camera, not only should you keep your old one, but you should carry them both and take pictures with both to compare the results. If you buy a new computer, don’t simply transfer your data and programs and turn it off, but keep it running so you have a more objective measure of speed, performance, and operation.

Your period of review doesn’t have to be long, but this direct comparison will help you to settle into your new gear, and will likely allow you to proceed more objectively when you want to purchase the next new gadget.

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