Writing Assignment: Write A Grand Plan

04.11.2014 writing

Writing is an occupation for those who are a bit mad. It is not a sensible or steady occupation. There are no guarantees. So why make little plans for your writing? You want to write, so why hide your ambitions? Everyone else already suspects that your claims to be a writer are somewhat cracked. Why […]

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Dare To Write What You Really Want

04.10.2014 writing

Writing with a head cold provides one with an interesting opportunity. It’s hard to breathe. My head feels like it’s filled with hot, viscous fluid. I ply myself with medications and concoctions. And while I’m fighting the illness, the part of me that is sensible and guarded and typically keeps a close eye on my […]

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Writing Assignment: Write Yourself Out Of A Corner

04.04.2014 writing

Painting is one of those activities where the initial excitement of starting the project, of putting paint and color up on the wall, quickly gives way to the drudgery of the task. When you’re painting the floor it’s easy to get lost in the excitement of starting the project and quickly find that you’ve ended […]

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That’s The Sign Post Up Ahead

04.03.2014 Business

As a child, nothing terrified me as deliciously as watching the Twilight Zone, The Night Gallery, or The Outer Limits. My bedroom was just off the family room where the big black and white Zenith TV console sat. If it was past my bedtime I could sneak out of bed and position myself behind the […]

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Like Me, As I Do

03.31.2014 writing

Penny, my editor and friend, recently sent me a helpful note on the correct and clear usage of “like me,” rather than “like I.” I found it interesting and useful and think that you might, too. In the course of your writing, you often want to draw attention to the common experiences that you and […]

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