Two Weeks Of Writing Prompts: #1-Take A Deep Breath

09.22.2014 writing

What is a writing prompt? I use the term to talk about simple ideas, objects, and situations that stimulate writers into doing the work of writing. Writing prompts are quicker and shorter than a full Writing Assignment. Writing prompts are intended to be open ended. If you want to practice writing skills or get past your inability […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Complaint Letter To Yourself

09.19.2014 writing

It’s relatively easy to express our grievances to others. But can you point this same displeasure about service or quality of work back at yourself without letting your emotions run away into an angry screed? When writing a letter of complaint it is best to compose one’s message politely, clearly, and with a suggestion on how […]

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Writing Assignment: Write About A Tennis Ball

09.12.2014 writing

I keep a tennis ball on my desk. I use it to exercise my left hand to keep up the therapy from repairing a badly broken finger (years past), and to help ease the tendonitis that may be either keyboard or ukulele related. And it makes an excellent tool to work out the pain in my lower […]

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Dust First, Then Sweep—Write First, Then Edit

09.10.2014 writing

When you set out to clean a room, first dust the room and its objects, starting high and working your way down. Then sweep. If you do it the other way around then you end up sending dust down onto your freshly swept floor. The same process applies to writing. I find that many writers […]

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Writing Assignments: Write An Eye-Witness Report

09.05.2014 writing

Trial witnesses are remarkably unreliable. Memory and recall are imperfect and malleable and can be manipulated by questioning. And yet, being there, seeing an event first hand, can yield powerful writing. I keep a copy of Eyewitness to History on my bookshelf and many other books like it. Having a record from someone who was there is vastly […]

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