Write Sleepy

10.16.2014 writing

Write sleepy. Write when your mind cries out to be turned off. Your dozy state may let you circumvent that cumbersome editor who insists that you slow down and get things write. You will make mistakes. Let the errors and typos stand and right on. While you struggle and yawn you can ignore that complaining, nay-saying voice, […]

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Write Saddened

10.15.2014 writing

Write saddened. Not all days are sweetness and light. At times there is nothing to do but acknowledge the sadness, and though discouraged, find our way back to the page. Write through your dampened spirit. The weight maybe heavy, but there is a balm in our art. We put words to the unsayable, the unwritten. […]

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Writing Assignment: Write About Wearing A Watch

10.10.2014 writing

You either wear a watch or you do not. You may or may not own one. But it is likely that at some time in your life you have owned one and worn it. That is a very common modern experience. Some people today claim that the age of wrist watches is over. You don’t […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Single Piece Using All Eight Writing Prompts

10.03.2014 writing

Over the last two weeks I’ve been publishing simple little prompts to help writers take action and write. Let’s up the ante today. For today’s assignment use all eight of my writing prompts and perform them one after the other to writer a single piece. Here they are: More Writing Prompts Take a deep breath Stand, then […]

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Two Weeks Of Writing Prompts: #8-Write Your Name At The Top Of The Page

10.02.2014 writing

Here’s today’s prompt: choose your writing surface, physical or digital, and then write your name at the top of the page. Write about that.   Remember, this is a writing exercise. Don’t try to be clever. Don’t worry about being good. Just write. More Writing Prompts

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