04.23.2014 writing

If you have come to understand how both of the words “it” and “we” are difficult pronouns to use well, now move on to the even more difficult “they.” They is an oppositional word. “We” includes me. But they are other. They are outside. They are different. Or are they? What do they really think […]

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04.22.2014 writing

Here’s another difficult and perilous word for writers: “we.” ‘We’ is safe enough when reporting facts. “We went to the Waffle House.” Nothing dangerous about that “we.” But when using this pronoun to describe experiences it is very difficult to do so authentically. Who are you to say how others think or feel without asking them? “We […]

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04.21.2014 writing

“It” is an interesting word for writers. It is also a dangerous word. When writers point to an object, a thing, there is a strong tendency to attribute human or animal characteristics to the thing. Be careful here. A thing does not think or feel. It does not ponder, worry, or fret. It does not consider. […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Grand Plan

04.11.2014 writing

Writing is an occupation for those who are a bit mad. It is not a sensible or steady occupation. There are no guarantees. So why make little plans for your writing? You want to write, so why hide your ambitions? Everyone else already suspects that your claims to be a writer are somewhat cracked. Why […]

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Dare To Write What You Really Want

04.10.2014 writing

Writing with a head cold provides one with an interesting opportunity. It’s hard to breathe. My head feels like it’s filled with hot, viscous fluid. I ply myself with medications and concoctions. And while I’m fighting the illness, the part of me that is sensible and guarded and typically keeps a close eye on my […]

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