Writing Assignment: Write A Message To Yourself To Read One Hour From Now

08.29.2014 writing

Time travel is possible. You will not require a DeLorean and stolen plutonium. All you really need is a pen and paper. Writing, one of the most remarkable human achievements, is something that we created thousands of years ago. It’s the ability to transmit information across time. You can press marks into a piece of wet clay […]

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Writing Assignment: Write About Your Breathing

08.22.2014 writing

One of the most important things for writers to learn is how to observe and record. It’s relatively easy when you’re observing something other than yourself. But when you turn your focus back at yourself can you observe what you’re doing without changing your actions? Take, for instance, your breathing. Breathing is one of the most […]

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Really Good Reasons Why Not To Write—#10 No One Else Will Ever Read It

08.20.2014 writing

That thing that you’re writing? No one will read it. It may never see the light of day. And if published, maybe only a handful of people will ever read it. Maybe your Mom. Cousin Sue won’t even look at it. It’s true. Most of the things that you write will never find their way […]

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Really Good Reasons Why Not To Write—#9 Someone Else Writes Better On This Subject

08.19.2014 writing

It just doesn’t seem possible that your favorite writers can do what they do. And every day you read so many things online that are very, very good. It’s disheartening. How can you ever write as good as they do? Just look at your book shelves. How is it even possible that one person wrote each […]

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Really Good Reasons Why Not To Write—#8 Can’t Write Good Enough Yet

08.14.2014 writing

Let’s be serious for a moment. You don’t write very well. You don’t. It’s frustrating. When you try to write what you want it doesn’t come out the way that you want. So many people write much better than you do. Of course they do. You don’t have to write. You can stop. Practice is […]

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