Writing Assignment: Write Your Survival Plan For The Zombie Apocalypse

07.18.2014 writing

Reports are flooding in. The dead have risen. It’s time to flee, to survive. Luckily you’ve seen all of the movies and you have a plan. Wait. You don’t have a plan? Then perhaps it’s time you made one. OK, it’s unlikely that we’ll face a zombie apocalypse anytime soon, but there are many other disasters […]

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Writing Assignment: Write Three Sentences About Yourself

07.11.2014 writing

The mirrors in my home all lie to me in ways that I find comforting. “Hey, looking good!” I know how to look at myself in them to present the image to myself so I look thin and handsome. And then I’ll be out somewhere and catch my reflection and find that reality is a […]

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Writing Assignment: Write A Letter To An Influential Teacher

07.04.2014 writing

When I think back I see that Ive had a handful of people who have really made a difference in my life. My Scoutmaster. My high school band director. And a short, but important list of teachers. Teaching professionally is a difficult job, more so today than it has been in the past. But I can clearly […]

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Nothing To Write About

06.30.2014 writing

Why didn’t you write today? “I don’t have anything to write about.” And that, my friend, is a lie you tell yourself. Of course you have things to write about. If a friend were to drop by or invite you out you’d have lots of things to talk about. A family member calls and asks, […]

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What Businesses Value Versus What They Really Need

06.25.2014 Business

I’m done with my time working full-time inside businesses. I much prefer working as a freelance writer. But I was struck by something that I overheard the other day. Two business people were talking about how they had no interest in interviewing or hiring fresh new college graduates with liberal arts degrees, especially those with […]

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