Deconstructing The Watch: Your Phone As A Pocket Watch

10.20.2014 gadgets

“What time is it?” You pull your phone out of your pocket, look down at it, and tell me. It is an odd behavior that makes me think of three piece suits and fancy accessories. Watch fobs and chains and pen knives. How strange that a group of people, thinking themselves highly technical and advanced have taken […]

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The Case For Using The Case

09.02.2014 gadgets

I love how my iPad mini and my iPhone both feel naked (the device naked, not necessarily me). These wonderful devices are so sleek, elegant, and beautifully built. And oh so thin. And then, with regret and resignation, I put them back into their bulky protective cases. Mobile devices are meant to be carried. Things that […]

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The Freelancer’s Every Day Carry (EDC)

03.05.2014 freelance

I am fascinated by pictures of what people carry in their pockets or bags. EDC is one of my favorite web sites. But I’m a freelance writer. I work out of my home office. My EDC is two things: my iPhone and a tube of Chapstick. When I’m out and about in the world the […]

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RoboMe And Me

02.10.2014 Future

I love toys. I restrain myself from buying them as much as possible, but I do love them. And my family knows this. Christmases and birthdays cannot pass without someone giving me a toy of some sort (I count gadgets, things for the home theater, and tools of all sorts as toys). This year it […]

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Stop Ruining Your Movie Experiences

01.08.2014 Movies

Just before Christmas and with both of my adult daughters home for the holidays we settled into our home theater and watched “North By Northwest.” I realize that most people don’t have private home theaters or screening rooms. But watching that movie in that special space I realized something else. If you’ve watched this movie […]

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