The Freelancer’s Every Day Carry (EDC)

03.05.2014 freelance

I am fascinated by pictures of what people carry in their pockets or bags. EDC is one of my favorite web sites. But I’m a freelance writer. I work out of my home office. My EDC is two things: my iPhone and a tube of Chapstick. When I’m out and about in the world the […]

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RoboMe And Me

02.10.2014 Future

I love toys. I restrain myself from buying them as much as possible, but I do love them. And my family knows this. Christmases and birthdays cannot pass without someone giving me a toy of some sort (I count gadgets, things for the home theater, and tools of all sorts as toys). This year it […]

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Stop Ruining Your Movie Experiences

01.08.2014 Movies

Just before Christmas and with both of my adult daughters home for the holidays we settled into our home theater and watched “North By Northwest.” I realize that most people don’t have private home theaters or screening rooms. But watching that movie in that special space I realized something else. If you’ve watched this movie […]

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Clean Up Your Photo Library

12.24.2013 Good Ideas

Today I reviewed the stream of photos that I’d taken using my iPhone over the last twelve months. I’ve found that I use our dedicated camera less and less and my phone more and more to take pictures. But I also noticed something else. My photos are littered with little pictures that don’t need to […]

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Why The Heat About Wearable Computing?

07.17.2013 gadgets

There are a lot or people generating a lot of heat about Google Glasses and “smart watches.” The rumored Apple iWatch, not a real product (yet), has a lot of people claiming it an inevitable failure. And yet, these same people, friends of mine included, don’t seem to realized that they already have, use, and […]

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