Bring On The Whip!

Who needs The Whip?

I can’t tell you that. Only you can decide if you need The Whip.

Here are a few reasons that you might need The Whip:

  • If you claim to be a writer, but just can’t get started.
  • If you bemoan the fact that you didn’t write this day, this week, this month.
  • If the work that you do isn’t good enough (or good at all) and you don’t know what to do next.
  • If the pressures of life cause you to draw a blank when you set down to write.

Or any of the thousands of other reasons that writers tell themselves when they don’t do the work and don’t work to the best of their abilities.

At times, we all need The Whip.

I am not your coach. I’m not your mentor. I’m not your Mama, your buddy, your pal, your confessor.

I am The Whip.

I do not punish.  I do not correct. I will help move you to action.

You only need to take the first step and ask for it. Sign up now and as for The Whip.