35 Good Essay Topics to Research & Write About

Essay writing is a technical academic assignment that students should write before accomplishing their course. The essay requirements usually vary depending on the institute’s preferences and the course a student is taking. However, one common aspect of essay writing is the topic. Despite any other requirements, every essay must have a catchy and interesting topic that makes it possible for students to do thorough research and write the findings. That is why this article aims at helping you to come up with good essay topics before you begin your research.

Approaches to consider to get the best essay ideas

Getting a perfect essay topic requires some research to help you gather the best tips that will enable you to select a unique topic you can search for and get adequate content. The following tips will give you a way of choosing topics to write about.

1. Look for good investigative essay topics from past essays

Supposed your essay category falls under investigative; you need to understand how you structure the entire paper. However, before then, you must develop an ideal investigative essay topic. A collection of such topics is available in your school library, where pioneer students did a similar paper. Do not pick any topic before analyzing which topics are available and which ones are the best.

2. Get good topics to write about from teachers and students

One of the effective ways you can settle on a perfect essay topic is by reaching out to the teachers or students who understand better for an in-depth discussion. During the discussion, come up with as many topics as possible, then start filtering the best ones as you eliminate the irrelevant ones.

3. Read articles on how to come up with essay topics

Reading is the best way to get an idea when researching something. In this case, there are many articles available on online platforms giving students a clear route to follow when searching for interesting essay topics. So, create sometime within your schedule and make it for reading essay topics ideas.

4. Watch a show on how to find topics for an essay

If you enjoy watching other than reading, it would be best if you dedicate some of your time to watching content on essay topics to write about. Make YouTube your ideal starting point since you will find hundreds of videos to watch from. With time, you can advance and join online courses that focus on the same.

There are many other interesting essay topics approaches you can choose from; the aim is to ensure whatever strategy you choose works best for you. The next sections provide you with good essay topics you can consider from different forms of essay writing.

Best descriptive essay topics you can choose from

  1. The interesting personality of my mother
  2. The one memorable day
  3. The Best Concert I attended
  4. My childhood fairytale experience
  5. First Picnic experience with my friends
  6. Best spot in my home town for visiting
  7. My ideal roommates

Top evaluation essay topics to consider

  1. The impact of fiction films on the viewers
  2. Strategies used in pricing fast food in the eateries nearby
  3. Android Vs. iOS: Which one will you prefer?
  4. Digital advancement and Music Production
  5. How living conditions impact a student’s education
  6. Rate Facebook as a tool for online advertising
  7. What does your perfect movie theatre look like?

Perfect expository essay topics to pick from

  1. Do you think Modern Generation follows the ten commandments?
  2. Explain what causes adult illiteracy and how to solve the problem
  3. Tips on Becoming Financially Independent
  4. Why Can’t Everyone Be a Good Leader?
  5. What is the relationship between teenage suicide rates and depression?
  6. How the Internet has affected communication
  7. Why do parents become strict?

Ideas on good reflective essay topics to choose

  1. How I felt When I was Unfairly punished
  2. The Best Holiday Experience with friends.
  3. The one awkward embarrassment
  4. The movie that Impacted my character and How I view things
  5. My first experience giving a speech to a large crowd
  6. The person who gave me strength at my lowest
  7. What are your strengths?

Best of process analysis essay topics to consider

  1. Tips for overcoming insomnia
  2. How complaining can help you get what you want
  3. Maintaining an affordable and eco-friendly lifestyle without straining.
  4. Explain the working of solar panels
  5. Describe toilet-training a baby
  6. Achieving academic success in college
  7. Ending a relationship peacefully


What determines a great piece of essay is the topic. As a student, always do some research before settling on any topic to ensure you stay relevant and get strong points that will support your essay.