Things to Remember When Choosing Topics for Persuasive Essays

Do you think you can persuade your audience to buy into something? Well, this is what is expected of you when writing a persuasive essay. There is a lot that goes in here if you want your readers to read through to the last point. To persuade others, you need to have a thorough understanding of what you are writing about. There are many persuasive topics to pick but the best choice would be one that you understand well.

Persuasive essays are written to give readers good reasons to support or agree with the writer on a given subject. Therefore, your work is to make your audience buy into what you are saying. They need to be convinced and see the topic the way you are seeing it. Once your audience can understand your standpoint and agree with it, then you have successfully written your essay. But if you consider hiring a writer to help you with your essay, be sure to avoid low-quality service providers. Click here to read more.

Points to remember about persuasive topics

You can write a perfectly good persuasive essay if you can win the attention and view of others on the same topic. Persuasive topics mostly concern contentious issues of new ideas that have not yet been embraced by many. You could also write on an interesting topic that people are not sure about what to believe concerning it. Here are important things to do:

  • Make your topic unique. Don't take a general approach to your topic. It should be specific. Tackling one particular thing will be a lot more convincing to others than being all over in your writing.
  • Support your points with credible facts and information. To successfully persuade others, ensure you have clear information and data drawn from reliable sources. You will have an easy time persuading your audience if you have support for all the points you are making.
  • Provide several points to support your arguments. You cannot use one point to persuade a huge audience. Therefore, make sure you have several points backed up by facts to effectively persuade your readers. This will give you an upper hand throughout your writing.
  • Prepare an outline. Make sure you have a plan of how you will deliver your points. A good persuasion comes with order. You need to know how to introduce your topic and provide evidence on the points you are making in your persuasive essay.

Sample persuasive topic ideas

If you want to get started writing this type of essay, here are some of the topics to write about:

  1. Success is about happiness
  2. Partnerships are better than sole proprietorships
  3. Democracy is the best form of governance
  4. Religion is the opium of masses
  5. Religion and the state are inseparable
  6. Technology holds the future for us
  7. Life is defined by our environments
  8. Social media is good for business
  9. Video games are good for children
  10. Homework is good for students


Always plan when writing any assignment. You will have an easy time putting all your ideas into writing when you have prepared for it. Your persuasive essay is as good as the preparation that you have made to write it.