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Writing Assignment: Write Your Own Modern Manners

09.21.2012 Modern Manners

We all have to deal with an increasingly crowded, busy planet. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all agree on just a few simple rules to smooth out getting through the day? This week I’ve shared four of my suggested modern manners for: Perfume Gum Popping Shopping Cart Positional Awareness Phones And now it’s [...]

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Modern Manners: Mobile Phones

09.20.2012 Modern Manners

I don’t have a problem with people talking on mobile phones in most public places. What I do have a problem with is people who talk loudly or in places where it’s inappropriate to talk at all. You should not talk on your phone in a theater. Put the damn thing away. I feel very [...]

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Modern Manners: Shopping Cart Positional Awareness

09.19.2012 Modern Manners

I am surprised at how oblivious many people are going about their daily tasks. When I visit the supermarket or shop in any store I expect to find people blocking half the aisle with their cart and the other with their body. I see them, lost in thought, probably confused about the items they should [...]

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Modern Manners: Gum Popping

09.18.2012 Modern Manners

There are few things that set my nerves on edge more than the sounds of loud, wet gum chewing or “popping.” I’m not talking about blowing bubbles and popping them, although that’s annoying as well. I’m talking about the loud noises and audible pops that many gum chewers make. Many are completely oblivious of the [...]

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Modern Manners: Perfume

09.17.2012 Modern Manners

Manners and social behavioral “norms” are often looked on today as something pretentious and artificial. Frankly, I don’t care much about which fork one should use for shellfish or what the proper procedure is for leaving a calling card. I do, however, care about moving about in this crowded and noisy world. I believe that [...]

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